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Plant Heritage Guernsey Latest News

Radio: Tattie Thompson was on the Jenny Kendall-Tobias's programme on Wednesday, 5th September discussing the plants that would be available at our Autumn Plant Stall on Saturday, 8th September. The talk begins at about 10:49am (1hrs 19minutes into the programme). Click on this link to listen again to this interview on BBC Radio Guernsey. The recording will be available for four weeks. For further instructions on how to listen after the event, click on the link below. 
Gardens of Surrey
We have returned from a three day members' tour to Loseley Park, RHS Wisley, Painshill and several NGS gardens in Surrey.  Our visit was well organised, it didn't rain and there are lots of photographs on our Facebook page.
Giant Plant Sale: This sale was held on Bank Holiday Monday, 28th May, in glorious weather.  There was a queue for an hour before the sale opened, but there was a huge array of plants, many grown by members of Plant Heritage Guernsey and chosen to be trouble free. Most of the annuals and vegetables are grown in our own glasshouse.  The funds raised were a record and will be used to cover the cost of moving from D1 to the new glasshouse space at Bellefleur.
National Collection status
The Nerine collection has been awarded National Collection status.  For more information and the Guernsey Press article, please click on the National Collections tab above.  The Nerine Festival has been moved in 2018 and will be in the Upper glasshouse in Lower Candie Gardens.
We have been given several collections of Nerines by Guernsey residents and they are being kept separate so that they can be identified on flowering.  Click on the link below for more information on the Guernsey Lily.

Country Life
The 20th September, 2017 edition of Country Life has an excellent four page article by Jacky Hobbs, with photos by Clive Nichols, of the PHG Nerine collection and festival.  Jacky and Clive came over to Guernsey for the 2016 Nerine Festival and they brought quantities of old wooden boxes so that Clive could recreate photographically 'A House of Nerines' by local artist W.J. Caparne, which is displayed in the Guernsey Museum.  Country Life have kindly given us permission to reprint the article, see link below.
Caparne Iris
The Caparne Iris have been multiplying well, with some still available at future plant sales. The varieties which have been potted up are 'Queen Flavia', 'Empress', 'Prince Victor', 'King Christian', 'The Bride' and 'Dorothea'.  Some of the corms have been given to the Walled Kitchen Garden and Castle Cornet for suitable dry, sunny areas.

Puddling: In June 2016, a group from PHG visited Edmondsham House, where the Head Gardener, Andrew Haynes, showed us how to transplant our new plant purchases into our gardens. He has a fascinating method, which really works in practice and persuades the roots of your new purchase to go down for sustenance and water.  The most difficult thing is to keep your watering can away for two weeks.  For his complete article, which is thoroughly recommended, click on the link below.

 Link to Puddling Article

Facebook: Look at our Facebook page for current news and photos under the name Plant Heritage Guernsey.  There are daily photos during the Nerine Festival and photos from Members' gardens and around Guernsey at least every couple of days.  You do not need to be on Facebook to look at our posts, so click on this link: Facebook

Camellias: Several of the camellias planted by PHG in the grounds of Government House were badly damaged by a falling pine in the March 2013 snowstorms.  They were severely pruned at the time and are beginning to recover, but still have not flowered in 2018.  Keep a look out on our Facebook page for more information.
Snails and slugs: We sometimes have wet and mild winters, which mean that many of our gardens are inundated with snails and slugs.  So we have put together a list of herbaceous plants that we have in our gardens, that are not being eaten by these creatures.  Click on the link below for a full list and keep it in your handbag or wallet; it is incredibly useful.

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